Saturday, April 02, 2005

Tasered 68 year old didn't know Dick

We've posted a number of unusual Taser incidents here already: Tasering of 6 year olds, 74 year olds, naked joggers, cats, people refusing to give a urine sample and suspects Tasered who promptly died. Now the 68 year old who insisted on driving the last half block to his house despite the fact it was cordoned off for Dick Cheney's motorcade enroute to a fundraiser. Why was he zapped? He wouldn't follow directions and he used expletives.
Jay Saddington said he wanted only to get to his home at Log College Drive and Bristol Road and that he didn't do anything wrong.

Police claim the father and son repeatedly used expletives and refused to cooperate with officers. At one point, police used a stun gun, a weapon that delivers a 50,000-volt shock, to subdue the elder Saddington.

"I'm a fairly respectable citizen, and they treated me like I was a bank robber or killer," Saddington said. "I was really bent out of shape about this whole thing." (via Bucks County Courier Times)
At least he's still alive. Not like the 103 people counted as fatal victims of Tasers by Amnesty International in a newly released report (AP via ABC News).

Saddington says the police wouldn't tell him why the roads were being blocked. Imagine his language if he had been told.