Wednesday, March 30, 2005

CDC fallout cover-up

If you were a resident of southern Utah or nearby Nevada years ago in the nuclear testing era you are now safe. Safe, that is, from finding out if you aren't safe. After spending 8 million dollars to investigate any connections between thyroid disease and fallout, CDC is pulling the plug on an ongoing study that was designed to provide the answer (Joe Bauman, Deseret News [Utah]).

Reason given: CDC can't afford it (I guess the government needs the money for the $38 million additional they gave to the worthless "sexual abstinence program"; maybe if they practiced what they preached and stopped screwing people . . . )

It is highly unusual to stop funding in the middle of a study. Earlier work, done by principal investigator epidemiologist Joe Lyon of the University of Utah, showed an increased cancer risk in those downwind of the above ground nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site. Additional work by Lyon in 1993 suggested a link to thyroid disease (nodules and some malignancies). He was in the midst of studying 4000 people identified in the St. George-eastern Nevada area who were 6th to 12th graders in 1965. Lyon has already examined 1300 and located most of the rest.
Lyon said he is loath to use the word cover-up, but it seems the federal government does not want to know about health effects of fallout on American citizens. Still, "That's the only interpretation I can place on it," he said.
I know Joe Lyon. Besides being a good epidemiologist he is a nice guy. So I'll say what he is too nice to say: