Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday cat flogging: Taser, the cat

Friday is the day we obey the injunction of PSoTD to feature another blog rather than show pictures of our cats and dogs. I departed from this once before when I featured a bizarro religious rant on why Christians shouldn't have cats. I will violate the order of PSoTD again this Friday to bring you:
Police say using Taser on cat appropriate (Big News

Police in Gillespie, Ill., say that after failing to catch an injured cat with a harness pole, they used a Taser gun on the animal.

Gillespie Police Chief Rick Hearn said his officers' response was appropriate given the circumstances, reported the River Bend (Ill.) Telegraph Monday.

Officers were called after it was reported two cats were fighting in a garage. One cat, which had lost an eye and was badly mangled, escaped to the garage's rafters and police called animal control officer Jessica Spangler.

The newspaper said the officers tried to net the cat, but when that failed they used Taser gun on the injured animal.

Once the cat was brought down, Spangler told the officers the cat was severely injured and ordered them to shoot it. They did . . .
So first they Tasered it, then they shot it. I get it.