Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Slimeball: I'm not playing

I'm going to weigh in on the Chris Matthews upset because, well, I'm upset. I had the misfortune to have actually heard "live" one of the incriminating segments on the faux journalist's MSNBC infotainment slot last Friday, and it was something. My jaw went south. It was billed as a new "Friday feature" with Matthew's MSNBC "colleagues," Tucker Carlson, Rita Cosby and Joe Scarborough, all three representing the right end of the right end of political views. I guess Fox was so full of crap there wasn't room for more so they shoveled some of it over to MSNBC. Conspicuously absent from Matthew's "colleagues" was the only MSNBC primetime voice of sanity, Keith Olberman, but if you watch Olberman you run the risk of being slimed by his usual quick segue into Rita Cosby's show, even a minute's glimpse of which will make you want take a shower (and not with her, either; with the biggest bottle of disinfectant you can find).

I recently gave a talk where I asked the audience how many people listened to Chris Matthew's show, Hardball (allegedly hardnosed political reporting but really soft porn Bush sycophancy). No one raised their hand in a room of about 50 public health professionals. This is encouraging, so it is with some trepidation I am even calling attention to this brownosing narcissist who claims to be a reporter. But I will, because the case against him and his ilk--and a call to let his sponsors know--is now on the web and experiencing phenomenal traffic. You might as well see what the fun is about and join in. It has all the quotes, history and ways you can express your opinions about the state of cable news "journalism."

The idea that main stream media are "liberal" is one of the greatest propaganda coups the rightwing has managed to pull off, and Matthews is exhibit number one in a whole museum's worth of exhibits.

Here's the site, An Open Letter to Chris Matthews. Enjoy.