Sunday, January 29, 2006

Freethinker Sunday Sermonette: show your ID, please

Sunday, but no rest for the wicked. The wingnuts who run the Utah Senate are at it again, this time approving a bill to make public school teachers tell their pupils evolution is of questionable validity.
Sen. Chris Buttars has tried to eliminate any possibility that his bill questioning the validity of evolution could allow for religious instruction in the classroom - and avoid the legal risks associated with such teaching.

But religion is the reason he proposed the bill and religion drove most of the debate Friday, as the full Senate gave its initial approval to SB96.

Comments on the Senate floor commending God's creation of man and condemning atheists for pushing their "religion," could potentially end up as evidence in court should the bill become law.


Buttars' bill would require teachers to say that scientists are not in agreement about theories explaining the "origins of life or the origins or present state of the human race" and that the state doesn't endorse any such theory. (Salt Lake Tribune)
Interestingly, four Republicans, including the Senate Majority Leader, joined all the Democrats on the losing end of a 17 - 12 vote. Welcome to the coven of secularists and atheists.

Not that this has anyting to do with religion, as the upright Senator Buttars swears, his hand on an imaginary stack of bibles:
"I challenge anyone to say that somewhere in those lines that I'm trying to promote religious philosophies," Buttars said. "My bill from the get-go never included anything about intelligent design, creationism or any faith-based philosophy."
I'll take that challenge. Senator Buttars, you are trying to promote a religious philosophy.

I guess no one told this neanderthal that lying is considered a sin by most religions. Although now that I think about it, there has been a lot of cheating, stealing, killing and lying in the name of most religions, too.

Maybe Senator Buttars is just being observant.