Friday, October 21, 2005

Not amused either

The H5N1 panzootic has resulted in the killing of an estimated 100 million birds in Asia. But if you aren't in Asia and want a piece of the action, you can now buy the choking chicken toy, manufactured by a company in Taiwan and sold in stores across Australia.
A product description on the Web site of Jaycar Electronics, a major Australian importer of toy, says: "Grab him by the neck and he will squawk and cluck like mad, flapping his wings and feet wildly as if he is really being choked." (
For children three years and up.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Australia) is not amused:
"What's next? Burn a cat? Shoot a dog?" [the RSPCA spokesman] said. "Children of that age are likely to turn around and try the same thing on their pet bird or even the cat or dog. Then they're going to wonder why the animal fights back."
I'm with the RSPCA on this one. Bad enough I have to write almost daily about the industrial massacre of millions of animals. It's not a giggle.

(Hat tip Kevin, MD via Boingboing)