Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Launch of Context Journal

First came the public health student summit (here and here) at Boston University School of Public Health last April. From that came the first public health student blog, HealthMongers.org. Now we have word of a new peer-reviewed journal, Context Journal, started by two energetic activist students at Emory University School of Medicine.

Below is a call from the students starting this important project, Arun Mohan and Carmen Patrick, for editorial and peer review help. If you are a health student interested in working in a resurgent progressive student movement in public health, medicine and health care delivery, lend a hand.

Context Journal Seeks Editors and Peer-Reviewers

Context Journal seeks students in health-related fields to fill the following volunteer positions:

1. 6 -8 Managing Editors to serve on Editorial Board

2. 15 - 30 Peer Reviewers to assist in identifying quality journal submissions

What is Context Journal?

Context Journal (www.contextjournal.org) is the nation's first student-run, online, peer-reviewed journal that highlights the exceptional work of health students in the community and recognizes insightful, well-designed evaluations of student-initiated programs. Context is published semi-annually and places exceptional work done within communities on par with scientific excellence just as it connects students across the nation working to improve the health of our communities from a variety of perspectives including: policy research, program evaluation, community partnership, and patient empowerment.

Context is the Journal of Health Students Taking Action Together in Partnership with the Student Health Alliance. For more information on these organizations please visit their websites: www.hstatweb.org and www.phsc.org/sha.html.

What am I getting myself into?

Managing Editors will work with the Editor-in-Chief, authors, and peer-reviewers to publish a high-quality online journal committed to community engagement. Managing Editors are journal Representatives to associations, societies, academic institutions, and authors. They receive new journal proposals, meet with the Editor-in-Chief regularly to offer advice on publishing practice, and assist in identifying and training peer reviewers. The position will require about 3-5 hours per week.

Peer Reviewers will provide constructive feedback of manuscripts and work with managing editors to establish a collegial spirit for our journal. The position will require about 3 hours per review with the number of review requests varying according to submission number.


Context Journal seeks graduate-level students of any discipline, but especially those related to the health professions , who are enthusiastic about student-initiated community endeavors including our journal. Excellent communication, presentation, and writing skills are essential. Demonstrated commitment to teamwork and the health of communities is desired. Understanding of publishing process, experience editing or reviewing journals, newsletters, or essays is a plus. Publication and research record also a plus. Individuals with health policy and advocacy backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Send resume or curriculum vitae along with a one-page cover letter explaining your interest in becoming a managing editor or peer reviewer to carmen@hstatweb.org. *All applications must be received by October 21, 2005.* In addition, editors should be available November 18-20 for an all-expense paid editorial board meeting in Atlanta, GA. More information regarding these positions can be found at www.contextjournal.org .
Arun Mohan