Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Blogrollin': Healthmongers

It's been a couple of Fridays since I met the obligation layed upon me by PSOtD that I feature another member of our vast blog community every week. This time it's a real pleasure to announce the debut of one of the fruits of the Public Health Student Summit from last April,

From their opening post: is the first concrete offspring of the Defining the Future of Public Health progressive student summit that was held at the Boston University School of Public Health in April of 2005. Inspired by the energetic response from the student community, students from several different programs hatched a plan to continue the many threads of discussion in this online forum. We intend to provide critical yet forward-looking commentary from the perspective of graduate students about the current state of public health policy and education in the U.S. and beyond.

The goals of are:
  • to contribute critically and constructively to the online discussion of public health and political issues

  • to evaluate and provide perspective on the different schools of public health and their attention to community-level public health threats with an eye to helping prospective students of public health choose a program that is a good fit for their interests

  • to provide resources to students of public health who are heading out into the workforce by identifying progressive public health employers
Currently, the authors of are working towards degrees at Boston University, Tufts, the University of Minnesota and Johns Hopkins.
So there are four schools of public health working on this. Last time I counted there were 36 Schools of Public Health and 7 more Associate Members (all in the Association of Schools of Public Health).

The rest of you get on board. Don't be a warmonger. Be a healthmonger.

Congrats folks. Lots of work to do. Here's the link.