Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Flu Wiki marches on

Another big day over at the Flu Wiki. 1300 visits and 8000 page reads by mid-evening of the second day. More importantly, stuff is being added steadily: state plans, new EU links, edits to the Primers, offers of entries on the way.

Here's a good example of just how we hoped this thing would work. From an email to DemFromCT:
One issue I didn't see addressed in depth in the scenarios I've read, is what to do about municipal waste management in a pandemic. Refuse collection & disposal are essential public health functions, and if they break down, secondary epidemics are almost a certainty. I have an article in my files about how municipal government in one of the large cities in Holland managed to maintain essential sanitation services during the WW2 Nazi occupation and wartime conditions generally. It's the only published article I've ever seen on municipal sanitation under extreme emergency conditions. And even though those events occurred over sixty years ago, it may be a useful starting point for local governments to begin thinking about these issues in relation to a flu pandemic.
Are we interested? You bet we are!