Saturday, May 14, 2005

Smarter than you?

Most blog carnivals are difficult for me because I have to find some of my own posts I think are good enough to submit (of course, difficulty aside, I haven't been shy about submitting). But here's an easy one, the "Smarter than I" blog, being hosted on Monday by Coturnix. Most all of us can find a lot of great stuff we think others should see. Share it. Build some community. And do a good turn (or a co-turn) by alerting others to "good stuff". Here's the idea and the way to submit:
Go around your favourite blogs, pick your favourite posts, and send the links to me [Coturnix] by Monday, May 16th at 9am EST. Put "Smarter Than I" in the title of your e-mail. Let me know why you think that particular blogger is smarter than you, and in particular why is the chosen post such a great example of the blogger's brilliance.

You can send your entries either to smarterthani AT hotmail DOT com or directly to me at Coturnix1 AT aol DOT com.