Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday blogrollin': Stayin' Alive

Each Friday (OK, we miss some) we try to highlight another blog we read (or would like to read if only we had the time). PSoTD suggested this way back when and we think it's a grand idea. This week it is another public health blog, Stayin' Alive, also anonymous, that we found through the Comment section here.

Here's blogmeister cervante's description:
Discussion of public health and health care policy, from a public health perspective. The U.S. spends more on medical services than any other country, but we get less for it. Major reasons include lack of universal access, unequal treatment, and underinvestment in public health and social welfare. The economics, politics and sociology of health and illness in the U.S. will be examined from a critical perspective.
Since most of the readers of this blog are interested in public health, Stayin' Alive is another place to check out.

Which brings up something else. I found out about cervante's blog by accident. I'm guessing there are a bunch more progressive public health blogs out there now. I already know about the Maternal and Child Health blog, the Genetics and Public Health blog and the U.S. Food Policy blog I highlighted last week. There are a few more on my blogroll. I'd like to compile them under a separate heading in the blogroll. If you have such a site, email me and I will check it out. I reserve the right to apply highly subjective criteria for inclusion. I will exclude medical and clinical blogs, of which there are many, and lean heavily toward progressive perspectives. So if you are game, drop me a line and I'll report back in a week or two or three or whenever I get around to it.