Friday, May 06, 2005

Blogrollin' Friday: U.S. Food Policy

Friday again (it seems like there is one almost every week these days). Time to highlight a blog we like (or maybe one of these days we'll do one we hate). The idea came from Political Site of the Day (PSoTD), who incidentally migrated off Blogger and has a new address: Change your blogroll link (you did blogroll him didn't you? I told you to!). Anyway, we always listen to PSoTD (except sometimes), so here's this Friday's contribution: U.S. Food Policy.

I admit I started reading food economist Parke Wilde's blog regularly after he complained on his site and on this one about my Sunday Sermonette. Anyone who could be offended by me probably isn't all bad, I figured. I'll also admit food policy isn't something I think about much. That's a mistake. After reading his site I know there is a lot going on I'd better start thinking about it.

Go on over and have a taste. You'll like it. And it's good for you.