Friday, December 17, 2004

Progressive health care/policy blog debuts

It's good not to be the absolute newest game in town and even better to have more good company. Progressive public health blogs Confined Space and Public Health Press were here before me. Now we are joined by the health care/policy blog, Health Care Renewal:
Health Care Renewal is dedicated to the open discussion of health care's current dysfunction with the hopes of generating its cures. The core values of health care are under siege. Patients and physicians are caught in cross-fires between conflicting interests, and subject to perverse incentives. Free speech and academic freedom are threatened. Pseudo-science and anti-science are gaining ground. Power in health care is increasingly concentrated and abused. Some of these issues have been discussed only in whispers. We will directly address them.
This is a group blog, some (all?) of whom are at Brown University's Center for Primary Care and Prevention. I assume they speak with their own voice, not the University's. Welcome to our tiny corner of the blogosphere.

Clarification: Since not everyone reads the Comments sections of Posts, I'll repeat here the clarification from the bloggers at Health Care Renewal:
We appreciate the welcome. The current group of bloggers comes not from a single institution or location, but from around the US, and we hope to enlarge it, and if possible include other countries. Our introduction is as stated above, and we welcome your readership and your comments.