Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Great Satan

George Allen, the Senator from Virginia whose intelligence, diligence and interest in his job are legendary (legendary for not having any) is urging President Bushie to appoint Jerry Boykin, the current Deputy Secretary for Intelligence (of the Oxymoron Command Center?), to the post of commander of US Special Operations. Not sure if this is the Iran Command or the Crusade Cavalry.

Boykin? Doesn't that name ring a bell?
In 2003, Boykin gave speeches at evangelical Christian churches in which he painted the war on terror as a Christian fight against Satan and suggested that Muslims worship idols. Boykin later apologized for his characterizations as conservatives rushed to defend him.

A Pentagon investigation the following year found that Boykin violated regulations by failing to make clear he was not speaking in an official capacity when he made the speeches, sometimes wearing his Army uniform. The probe also found Boykin violated Pentagon rules by failing to obtain advance clearance for his remarks.

In the letter, Allen said his confidence in Boykin's abilities overrides any concerns about what may surface during confirmation hearings should the administration nominate Boykin. Specifically, Allen mentioned the religious statements as well as U.S. interrogation policies at the Guantanamo Bay prison. (AP via Yahoo News)
Senator Allen hasn't exactly gotten unipartisan support for this brilliant suggestion. The Republican Senior Senator from his own state and Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John Warner, thinks the idea stinks:
"Senator Allen is entitled to his views. He did not consult with me on this matter, but this officer would not be among those whom I would recommend for this position," Warner said in a statement to the AP.
Here's what I don't like about this. First the far right Ayn Rand Institute agrees with me and now I agree with Republican John Warner. This kind of moral ambiguity on the part of the right wing has got to stop. Next thing you know they'll be opposing the War in Iraq.