Saturday, March 18, 2006

When dildos are outlawed, only outlaws will have fun

Here's to the State of Mississippi. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld Mississippi's sacred right to ban the sale of sex toys.
A Hinds County judge ruled in 2003 that state law does not extend the right to privacy to the commercial sale of sexual devices.

The Mississippi high court said there is no fundamental right of access to buy sexual devices.

The justices said while a federal court had found a similar Alabama law was unconstitutional, other courts — including ones in Georgia, Louisiana and Texas — have rejected attempts to expand the right to privacy to include the commercial sale of sex toys. (Clarion Ledger)
What can you buy in Mississippi? For starters, as many handguns as you want. Ditto assault rifles. The guns don't have to be ballistic fingerprinted before sale. You are allowed to carry concealed weapons. Guns can be sold without child locking devices and no background checks are required at gun shows. Etc., etc. (Brady Campaign)

In other words, the Mississippi Attorney General has banned dildos and vibrators but doesn't give a crap about guns.

Phil Ochs would probably have a pithy new verse for his classic, "Here's to the State of Mississippi," but Phil's gone now so we'll just have to make do with one he wrote when he was here:
And here's to the laws of Mississippi
Congressmen will gather in a circus of delay
While the Constitution is drowning in an ocean of decay
Unwed mothers should be sterilized, I've even heard them say
Yes, corruption can be classic in the Mississippi way
Oh, here's to the land you've torn out the heart of
Mississippi find yourself another country to be part of