Thursday, March 16, 2006

Answer: heck of a . . .

"Round and round she, goes, where she stops, nobody knows." The crony revolving door, that is.

Stewart Simonson is Bush's chief bioterrorism (and presumably bird flu) guy, but he has chosen this as a time to quit, using the well-worn excuse that "he had accomplished what he had set out to do, and it was time to move on." (ABC News)

Some timing. If he wasn't up to the job (which he almost certainly wasn't since he had no medical or public health experience, being a lawyer for former DHHS Secretary Tommy Thompson when Thompson was Governor of Wisconsin), then he shouldn't have been in the job at all, much less there all the way up to the threshold of a possible influenza pandemic.

Cronyism, incompetence, political appointments to crucial positions. Business as usual in the Bush Whitehouse. Who's next? I hear Michael Brown is unemployed. I'm sure he could do a ______ job (you fill in the chorus).