Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Flu Wiki pauses for breath

Just a note to say that The Flu Wiki, our sister site, will be down for 24 hours or so as we change servers. Places to sate your flu wiki thirst in the meantime are wiki partner DemFromCT's podcast interview over at theory.isthereason, providing a fascinating insight into the origins of Flu Wiki from one of the horse's mouths (but not a neigh-sayer). Dem also has a good rundown of recent flu story events at his blog The Next Hurrah.

Meanwhile, pogge (of pogge fame) and Melanie (Just a Bump in the Beltway) are working mightily to make the server switch.

The Flu Wiki isn't gone. It's finding better quarters appropriate to its higher profile and greater recognition. With your help and participation it will mutate and evolve. Paninformation.

Update, 3/31/06: Like you, we are waiting for Flu Wiki to "surface" on the internet. We believe the delay is caused by the time it's taking for the new IP address to propagate through the DNS servers in the system. We are as anxious as you are.