Sunday, March 26, 2006

Koufax Award voting for Best Expert Blog ends tonight!

The voting for Best Expert Blog in the lefty blogsphere ends tonight (Sunday), and Effect Measure was honored to be a finalist. Competition was stiff and we have done respectably (and more). You can still vote for us (but only if you haven't already!) by going here and scrolling down to the bottom of the comments and leaving a new one with the words "Effect Measure" in it (and anything else nice you care to say).

The Koufax Awards are all about building the lefty blog community, so it's just for fun. The competition are wonderful blogs and bloggers and try to take some time to look at them all. To all who voted (no matter for whom), thanks for your support. Blogging is tougher than it looks and more rewarding than it out to be. The readers of this blog are a spectacular group. I love your comments even when I hate your comments. You're smart, funny, snarky, contrary, wrong (when you disagree with me, which you do often) and dead on (when you agree).

If only I could agree with myself I'd be right more often. But maybe not.