Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Effect Measure a Koufax Award finalist!

We are pleased to report that (the) Revere(s) is/are Koufax Award finalists in the Best Expert Blog category. We're glad to have made it this far in the company of so many terrific expert blogs. Voting has been open for less than twelve hours and already Pharyngula is running away with it. Shit, even we voted for PZ, so why shouldn't everyone else.

However . . . if you should choose to vote for EM as a tip of the hat we would be pleased (who wouldn't?). This category -- like many of the others -- is a pile of apples and oranges (with a banana or pomegranate thrown in). As good as Pharyngula is (and make no mistake, PZ is really good) his site is nothing like EM or Bitch, PhD or firedoglake or any of the others in the same category. We know we won't win and we don't really care (OK, we'd like to win but not that much; it's not like getting your kid into the right Manhattan pre-school or anything like that). The Koufax Awards celebrate the richness and diversity of the left end of the blogosphere and is a wonderful service that our colleagues at Wabanaki do for all of us. If you get a chance, drop a couple of shekels onto their PayPal button to subsidize what they've done. The Reveres did it (under our own names, of course) and we hope some of you will too.

Here's how you vote. Just go to the category thread (here is the one for Best Expert that EM is in) and leave a comment with your vote. Simple. Just one vote per category, please. Play fair.

BTW, here are some of our choices (arbitrary since these are all terrific blogs in every category):

Best Blog (non-pro): Majikthise
Best Blog Community: MyDD
Best Blog (pro/sponsor):AmericaBlog
Best Group Blog: AmericaBlog
Best Writing: James Wolcott
Best Single Issue: Confined Space

To all who voted for us to get into the finals, many thanks. Anonymous blogs carry few rewards, so your kind comments over the year of daily blogging are more appreciated than you can possibly know.