Tuesday, April 12, 2005

. . . and take your kids to the seashore

Americans work harder and take fewer vacations than people in almost any other modern industrialized nation--except, of course, if you are unemployed. Then you are on a more or less extended vacation, but not the kind you'd like.

The Head of Social Welfare in Zagreb City Council has come up with a novel solution to this problem. Croatia's capital has 41,000 people out of work in a population of 1 million. Councillor Zvonimir Sostar is proposing that the unemployed be put to work, but instead of being paid in money wages they will get holidays in luxury spa resorts.

What a great idea. But as with all innovative ideas, some traditionalists resist change:
City councillor Tomislav Jelic, said: "Unemployed people need jobs to earn money for their families. They do not need holidays at a spa." (via Ananova)
Hey, c'mon. Everybody needs a holiday at a spa.