Monday, January 17, 2005

Naked jogger shocked by fully clothed police

The late night jogger running al fresco from the waist down was finally apprehended, with the help of a Taser (stun) gun wielded by the West Memphis police. He had failed to stop when ordered to do so after zipping past their police car. He was not charged with carrying an unconcealed weapon.

This is better press for Taser than last week when they were investigated for "order stuffing" just prior to the end of the financial quarter amidst questions about the "safety" of their product, which sends 50,000 volts through its target. After dropping precipitously, their stock bounced back as news of a new scientific study exonerated the device. The study, in the journal Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology, used adult domestic pigs and a device that simulated the Taser gun. Taser quoted liberally from the study in a press release, but did not release the names of the study's authors, two of whom it turns out were Taser executives.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Pentagon had also found Tasers "generally safe." Last October Taser quoted a Pentagon report as saying their stun guns "will generally be effective... without a significant risk of unintended severe effects." Of course this depends on what the intended severe effects are.

Given the Pentagon endorsement, I wonder if we will shortly be hearing how the US is finally bringing electricity to average Iraqis -- "the old fashioned way, one Iraqi at a time."