Friday, June 09, 2006

Effect Measure has moved!

We have moved the blog, at the invitation of the folks at ScienceBlogs, publishers of Seed Magazine. is fast becoming the premier venue for science-oriented blogs and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to join some wonderful bloggers already there and new ones in our cohort. At Sb you'll find Pharyngula and Aetiology, already ensconced, and Coturnix's new blog and Mad Mike the Biologist arriving with us. Plus many more. Quite a varied selection and all of high quality. Several have already established themselves as A-list sites among the science blog community. We were pleased to be asked.

To our regular readers (now numbering in the thousands) the only things that will change are the address (new URL: and the appearance. We will be on a MovableType platform instead of Blogger, which will give us the ability to have categories and subcategories. Commenting will now have a "Preview" function, so you won't have to post again to correct a typo. There are probably a bunch of other things that will be enhancements we haven't figured out yet, too. So it's a big plus as far as we are concerned, and we hope you will think so, too.

There are still some 1200 posts on this site, which will remain here. It isn't feasible at the moment to move all the posts and archives over to the new site. Unfortunately there is no way to categorize them here. You can still find things by using the Google Bar in the upper left of this site or Googling the subject with the words Effect Measure (e.g., Googling, biodefense Effect Measure, will get you to our post on biodefense, way back when).

If things get a little glitchy in the transition, we'll use this as a fallback site until things are straightened out, so if you have trouble you might check back here to see if it is a migration problem. We're not expecting it, except that we expect it. That's the nature of the world, especially the computing world.

We enjoyed our time here on Blogger (well, mostly; there were a lot of pesky outages but hey, it's free hosting). If you want to start your own blog, it's incredibly easy. It can also be dangerous if you have a tendency to obsessive compulsive disorder, so be warned. Just go over to and click the button that says "Create a Blog." We did it on Thanksgiving Day of 2004, just to see what it was like. We're still here.

We're already at the new address and that's where Effect Measure will be from now on. Our first post introduces ourselves to the new neighbors. So bookmark the


and come on over.

Update, 2:23 pm EDT: heh, heh. Oh, well. First glitch. Entry text is up on the first post (Housewarming) but no extended entry (Read More). Have a query in to the Sb tech folks to fix. Moving is always a pain.

Update, 2:31 pm EDT: Temporary fix. No extended entry, just the whole post on the page, like you are used to here.