Sunday, May 14, 2006

Freethinker Sunday Sermonette: the suicidal Pope

Sunday and Pope Benedict is working. He is quite tireless, really. Always working.

Like yesterday. Another defense of "traditional marriage" -- that is, another attack on gay marriage. From the Pope. Who has taken a vow of celibacy. That's a role model for traditional marriage?
Pope Benedict renewed his attack on gay marriage on Saturday, saying Christians must defend traditional heterosexual marriage as a "pillar of humanity" benefiting Christians and non-Christians.

Addressing the ponitifical council for the family, Benedict called on the faithful to stand up for traditional notions of marriage and procreation in the face of moves to recognise gay marriage.

Benedict said: "Such a witness can only stimulate politicians and legislators to safeguard the rights of the family.

"It's well known that legal solutions like so-called 'civil unions' are gaining ever greater acceptance, while they exclude the responsibilities of marriage, they claim the same rights.

"Sometimes, there is the wish even to change the definition of marriage to legalise homosexual unions, granting them the right to adopt children."(News24 [South Africa])
The saving grace is that this kind of hypocrisy will hasten the death of the Church. Suicide may be a mortal sin, but this is suicidal behavior and I can't say I'm sorry. I hope they drag some others down with them.