Sunday, April 23, 2006

Flu Wiki gets on its feet again

Flu Wiki2 is now open for business. Pogge, Dem and Melanie (with the Reveres gesticulating offstage) have gotten the Forum back up on a new server. It still runs on the PmWikie platform, which is a problem for the discussion format, so in the near to mid term we will be moving to a different platform that can handle that kind of traffic. We are hoping that by splitting the Wiki side proper from the Forum we will buy time and get back decent responsiveness on both parts, now running on different servers.

The new arrangement should be relatively transparent to the user since the Main Page remains the same on each and there are direct links to the respective servers from there. The original Wiki URL remains the same and the Forum is now on Flu Wiki2. If you use the Forum primarily or the Wiki side primarily you can set your bookmarks appropriately, or just go to the other server from the sidebar.

The Forum is no longer Read Only and is wide open. We're hoping by the time it gets bogged down with files again (since each thread is a separate file on PmWiki) we'll be on a more appropriate platform.

Thanks to my Wiki partners for the gargantuan effort, and to you, our community for your patience, good humor and participation. We're still pursuing the plan we announced over at the Wiki last week, and this is the first installment, as promised and on schedule.