Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Guest blogging at Confined Space

Jordan Barab of the occupational health and safety blog Confined Space has foolishly turned the keys to the car over to me and Stayin' Alive blogger Cervantes while he researches French customs with his family, so we'll be taking turns alienating his loyal readers for the next week or so. I consider Confined Space the premier health and safety blog and a pioneer and model for what a public health blog can be. I know many professionals who say that the way they keep up with what is happening in occupational health and safety is through Jordan's blog, which has been in steady operation for several years. It is a labor of love for Jordan and a treasure for the rest of us.

Pop over if you aren't familiar with it, bearing in mind that the posts this week will be from us interlopers. But once you've bookmarked it and gotten in the habit of making it a (deserved) daily read, you'll be ready for Jordan's return. Meanwhile we'll be posting both there and here, sometimes with cross posts, often with posts unique to each place. We start tomorrow with a follow up to the asbestos shipbreaking story we did here last week.