Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sweet Adelaide

Donald (Rummy) Rumsfeld, the US Hauptfuhrer, is naturally one of the most well protected people in the world. Not hard to imagine why. In his recent visit to Adelaide, Australia (a lovely place, by the way; no sarcasm here. We loved it and the food is wonderful), the security was described as "unprecedented." Except for . . .
Yellow business envelopes containing a six-page itinerary for Rumsfeld's high-security visit were placed under guests' hotel doors early Thursday, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Three floors of the Hyatt hotel have been given over to Rumsfeld and his entourage and guests staying on these levels received the envelopes marked "United States of America, Official Business".

One guest said he was "astonished" to receive the document, which included the names and room numbers for the Defense Secretary and his staff as well as the mobile phone numbers, names and titles of a large number of operational staff.

"When it was poked under the door I thought it was for me," the guest, who refused to be named, told the newspaper.

Guests were later told that the envelopes had been issued by mistake [not by the hotel] and would be collected if they pushed them back under the doors. (Agence France Presse)
Oh, oh. Nevermind.

I wonder why the war in Iraq isn't going smoothly. Hmmm.