Monday, October 03, 2005


As the logo says, it's Pandemic Flu Awareness Week, a joint effort between the Flu Wiki and the blogosphere to better inform the public about a potential flu pandemic and enlist its help. Specifically:

The purpose of Pandemic Flu Awareness Week, and the Flu Wiki, is to encourage sharing and generation of our collective knowledge and experience. Many of the consequences of a pandemic, should it occur, will not be medical but social and economic. By working together and anticipating problems we can manage the worst consequences and get through it better and more quickly. Like hurricanes, when a pandemic occurs can not be accurately predicted. Nonetheless, that which can be done in advance should be done, because eventually something will happen. Planning can only help, even if at the local level it can't prevent.

So steal the logo and slap it up on your blog. Post about how a pandemic might affect your business or your work and start the process of constructing a workaround. Get the conversation going in your community and among your readers. It will be a wise investment and good insurance.