Saturday, September 17, 2005

Our whereabouts

Buon giorno. The Reveres (en masse) are in Bologna at the "Living in a Chemical World" scientific conference that takes place every ten years under the auspices of the Collegium Ramazzini) ( the seventeenth century Itallian Bernardo Ramazzini is the "Father" of occupational medicine). The Reveres are usually absent separately but this is one instance we will be together and have a chance to compare notes and discuss the status of Effect Measure. Meanwhile (as you may have gathered), our colleague and blogger extraordinaire Cervantes will be holding the fort. We hope to be able to post from here, but the promised "wireless internet in the room" at this brand new hotel has yet to overcome a dispute between the Swiss provider and the Italian regulatory agency. Sigh.

What this means practically is that our connection will be intermittent and at times non-existent. But Cervantes will be here. We hope you will be too. Ciao.