Friday, September 30, 2005

County Supervisor gets it

Appleton, Wisconsin is over a 1000 miles and a world apart from Washington, DC. About 30 miles south of Green Bay it is a town of about 80,000 people, at least one of which, Outagamie County Supervisor Mark McAndrews, has more brains than all the bureaucrats in the nation's capital. Or so it seems. This week he asked the County Board to watch an excerpt from a September 15 broadcast of ABC's "Primetime" news magazine in which Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt made the grudging admission the country wasn't prepared for an influenza pandemic. McAndrews therefore wants the county to start getting ready on its own:
“Because of the federal government’s poor planning, you and I and the people we represent might die this winter, next spring or next summer,” McAndrews told the County Board, which did not discuss the issue and took no action on it. (Appleton Post-Crescent)
He has this one right. Too bad it sounds like he is a voice in the wilderness.