Saturday, August 20, 2005

(Some) docs to get alerted about bird flu

I just read that all general practitioners are being sent information on bird flu, both to educate them on the topic and to raise awareness and urgency of one of the most serious public health threats in many years. Seems like a sensible thing to do. One wonders why the government hasn't done it much sooner.
A spokeswoman said: "GPs will be the first point of call for many members of the public so it is important they know what advice to give.

"It is all part of the process of being prepared in case of an outbreak."


The government has already announced it will be stockpiling antiviral drugs and vaccines to combat flu and could place restrictions on the gathering of large crowds and travel.

Under the guidance, family doctors are being told to encourage patients to take basic precautions during an outbreak such as hand-washing, covering mouths when sneezing and avoiding crowded places.


"Some people may see this as alarming, but what it is is making sure we are properly prepared.
"GPs are probably not that clear about what their role would be if there is a pandemic, so if this helps it will be welcome."
The information will come via post in a 50-page technical guide, "Explaining Pandemic Flu," and will include 50 copies of a leaflet for patients. Very sensible indeed -- of the UK.

Too bad the American government is not [correction] doing it, too. Could it be because American doctors and the public are all fully aware of the danger, unlike those dunderheads in the UK? Could it?

Correction: Missing "not" added in first sentence of last para. Jeez. Of course it didn't make sense the way it was originally. Thanks to Aunt Deb and Dylan.