Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Cervantes is coming, Cervantes is coming!"

For more than eight months the Reveres have been able to cover for each other as one or another was on the road. But now the stars have lined up just so and all the Reveres will be away from connections simultaneously here and there over the next few weeks. So we have arranged for a Guest Blogger, although he is no stranger to our Comments section or to the blogosphere or to us, being a public health blogger himself of note. So the estimable Cervantes, whose blog Stayin' Alive is a great read for public health junkies, will fill in here and there over the next few weeks.

It turns out that while we are each anonymous in cyberspace, we know each other in meat space. So the Reveres can attest that you are in the good hands of an experienced public health professional. The Reveres will be around most of the time but we didn't want this space uncovered, even for a day.

Have fun, Cervantes. We always do.