Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why doesn't this give me confidence?

First this:
JAKARTA (Antara): Minister of Health Siti Fadilah Supari insisted on Monday that the government had not found any new victims of the deadly avian influenza in the country.

"So far, there are no new victims of the bird flu virus," Siti told reporters at the presidential palace on Monday.

She said that two patients who were admitted to a Jakarta hospital and a Malaysian citizen who died last week did not die of the avian influenza virus.

"According to the preliminary observation and routine laboratory tests, it's unlikely they were infected with the bird flu virus," Siti stated.

The two people -- Ari Basuki, a photographer with Tempo newspaper and Ari Sudarman (27) a security guard from Tangerang, Banten -- were admitted to Jakarta's Sulianti Sarono Infectious Disease Hospital on Friday.

Siti said that two were in good condition and had been "suffering from an ordinary flu."

"We came to the conclusion that they had not been infected with bird flu," Siti reiterated. (Jakarta Post)
Then this:
AKARTA (Reuters) - Blood samples from two Indonesians hospitalized in Jakarta will be tested for the bird flu virus even though initial results showed both have typhoid, health officials said on Monday.

The two men, including a news photographer who had recently photographed chicken farms, are under close observation following the recent deaths of three members of a family from the virus, officials said. The samples would be sent to Hong Kong, they said.

Both men have been treated at a hospital in North Jakarta and are suffering from high fever and flu symptoms.

"The temporary diagnosis is typhoid. We have sent specimens to the WHO this morning for further tests," said Evi Zelvino, a spokeswoman at the Jakarta health agency, referring to the World Health Organization.

The WHO's spokeswoman in Indonesia, Sari Setiogi, said they planned to send the samples to a laboratory in Hong Kong for testing and results should be known in 7-10 days. (Reuters)
So they are suffering from typhoid, but it's ordinary flu, the highly specialized test results for which will be available in 7 - 10 days.