Friday, July 15, 2005

Flu Wiki update

The Flu Wiki is now two and a half weeks old and is no longer an infant but a thriving adolescent. New organization and navigational aids have been added to the wiki sidebar. The Forum has been active (under Main on the sidebar you will find Recent Forum Topics) and much new material has been added (click under All Recent Changes under Main). The participation of the blogosphere has been magnificent. It looks like almost all US states have had links contributed so now it is easy to see what your state is doing (or not doing) and compare it to other states (if you find a gap, fill it). Several other countries and world regions have had material added, but there is much to do here. Readers in other countries are strongly encouraged to inquire of their governments and add their experience and plans to the appropriate National section under Geographic Services and Draft Plans.

There are some (we hope) informative science primers geared specifically to the flu problem and more to come. There is a Timeline and a set of "imagined scenarios" and a template to do your own local Table Top Exercise (under Anticipated Consequences and Solutions).

In short, a genuine community response is underway. It will continue to grow and become enriched with your help and interest. In a short time it has already become one of the main sources of information for people wishing to learn how they can help their community prepare for a potential pandemic. It is experiencing steady traffic.

But there is much more to do. Lend a hand. Help your neighbor and your self and those you've never seen and will never meet. Because in truth we're all in this together.