Saturday, May 28, 2005

Friday blogrollin' (Saturday edition): Steve Gilliard

Many moons ago PSOtD inveigled us into using space every Friday to highlight another blog we like (community building and all that). This week it's not someone who needs any recognition, but an A-list blogger, Steve Gilliard (The News Blog).

I picked it because I liked this post which I got via James Wolcott. Here's a little bit (it's long), a response to another blogger, Big Media Matt, who was espousing the bullshit of the "hawkish" liberal:
Let me start by saying that I like Big Media Matt. He's a nice kid. But he's wrong, talking out of his ass actually.

Matt, if you are "hawkish", I think there are recruiting station in Boston Common, Times Square and off the Mall in DC. Any one will accept your enlistment. Because if you are going to support interventions, you need to get your ass in the Army and support it as an 11B. This is real life. You can sit on your ass and proclaim policy and not be taken seriously, or you can get a commission, lead a platoon for a couple of years and have real world experience. Because, otherwise, you are pretty much a chickenhawk suggesting poor people die for your ideas. And I think you're smarter and better than that.
The whole post is pretty good. Itself a bit too hawkish, maybe, but still pretty good. Worth a read, along with much else there.