Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday Blogrollin': Judging the Future

Melanie Mattson of Bump in the Beltway fame has just announced a significant new blog, Judging the Future. This from the Intro post:
Welcome to Judging the Future, a project of Bump in the Beltway productions and a progressive, independent voice on judicial nominations issues. All opinions expressed here are those of the individual contributors and not necessarily those of any sponsors unless otherwise noted.

This site is for activists: when we raise an issue, we'll give you something to do far beyond wringing your hands. Come on in, and let's have a little fun taking our country back from the neo-cons and right-wing radicals in Congress.

We will obviously be paying special attention to President Bush's judicial nominees. This is, in my eyes, the single most important public policy issue before the people of this country right now. These lifetime appointments are our bequests to the future. Constitutional checks and balances are all that are standing between us and a rubberstamp judiciary that will ratify every thing that the radical rightwingers in Congress push through.

You'll be seeing announcements of events you can take part in to make your presence felt and your voice heard. We are going to be making news here, rather than simply reacting to it.

In a month or so's time, we'll be moving this site to a new platform, Expression Engine, to give us greater community-making capabilities. We expect to grow quickly.

Respectful comments are encouraged, the First Amendment is one of our core values. Abusive or obscene comments will be deleted, however.

Yer bloghostess is a DC policy wonk with an eye for progressive politics, a sense of humor and a rather snarky sense of the way everyone in DC takes themselves SO seriously.

Thanks to Earthjustice and other members of the Coalition for a Fair and Independent Judiciary for their input and support in getting this project off the ground.
Keep an eye on this one (and do it daily!). This will be one of the A-list blogs in no time at all and what it is doing couldn't be more important. Melanie is a formidable blogger with the acumen, sensibility and energy to make a difference. But she can't make a difference without us. So head over to Judging the Future so the future doesn't wind up judging us.