Friday, February 25, 2005

Blogrollin' Friday: Majikthise

Well the post is on time this week, instead of a day late (and many dollars short) as in the previous two weeks. So here we go, obeying the injunction of PSoTD and using the space ordinarily reserved for cats and dogs in other blogs to highlight other blog wildlife that strikes our fancy. Community building, you know.

Surprisingly, today it's the turn of Majikthise. I say surprisingly because I can't figure out why I didn't do this right away since I read her blog almost every day and am never disappointed. As I look back I see my first choice for this space many weeks ago was James Walcott, whose stylish writing I admired. And it was through Walcott I discovered Majikthise because he admired her writing. If that's the criterion to get on his blogroll I guess I'll resign myself to not making it there, but I am more than pleased to direct others to Lindsay Beyerstein's Majikthise site. (That is if you don't know it already. Her blog is considerably bigger and more popular than this one, and deservedly so.)

Announced theme is "analytic philosophy and liberal politics" but that doesn't begin to describe the stuff you'll find there, all with a quirky twist. Recent posts: On Art Linkletter and Richard Nixon; Prescription Drug Advertising; Abstinence "Education"; new UN blog. Frequent science topics, especially public health and medicine. Enjoy.