Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bird flu sites: update

Since I last posted on this here, another site covering the bird flu problem has come to my attention: Keeps up-to-date with links. Between this site and the others in the previous post, you will be able to keep current.

On another note, recently I posted my thoughts on Henry Niman's Recombinomics site. Niman has consistently taken positions expressing greater concern about specific avian influenza issues than the official pronouncements. I thought it worthwhile to review those positions and give my own views on them. On balance, I came out much closer to Niman's views, which I believe to be not only scientifically defensible but also more consistent with a public health precautionary perspective than WHO's or CDC's.

Since that assessment there has been no activity on his site. I hope this was not a consequence of my post. The Recombinomics site has been a valuable source of information to all interested in this public health problem and I want to encourage Niman to resume activity at his former level and keep pushing the envelope.