Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Grazie mille: Department of Self-Congratulations

Effect Measure has been chosen il sito della settamanna (site of the week) by the Italian site Diario-Prevenzione devoted to prevention issues. It appears to be part of a network of Italian public health sites, the Internet per la Salute. If you can make out some Italian it is a very interesting set of websites.

For those of you not familiar with Italian public health, it has a very proud history and many active and distinguished practitioners. Bernardo Ramazzini, the "father" of occupational health was born in the town of Carpi, not far from Bologna where the the Diario-Prevenzione site originates. The late and great toxicologist Cesare Maltoni's Institute still resides nearby. Many other distinguished names from occupational health also practiced in Italy (Vigliani comes to mind and I'm sure there are many others I am forgetting or are not aware of).

Bologna is also in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region in north central Italy, the most progressive region in terms of social policy anywhere in Italy. Also the best food (even Italians tell me that and my personal experience bears it out).

I am very pleased (and surprised) to be noted by public health colleagues from such a distinguished venue. Molto grazie.