Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flu Wiki returns

In the Easter season, Flu Wiki has risen. Thanks to non-stop work by pogge and Melanie and much help and donated server space and who knows what else, Flu Wiki went back up a few minutes ago (shortly after 3 pm EST in the US).

Welcome back.

Update, 4/3/06: The reports of our life were greatly exaggerated. FW continues to have serious problems. We aren't sure if it is a bad Apache or a bandwidth issue or something else. There is some controversy as to whether it is platform limitations, as well. We are trying to make a switch to a dedicated server but even if the Wiki goes up it is possible the Forum will be Read Only for a short period.

Sorry about this. Pogge and Melanie are bearing the brunt and the brunt has been pretty tough to bear. But better now than at a later time when things may be more mission critical.