Monday, April 03, 2006

Confined Space Koufax award winner!

Public health, specifically occupational health and safety, got a Koufax Award (Best Single Issue Blog) for Confined Space, Jordan Barab's superb engine of progressive blogging dedicated to the health and safety of workers. I won't go on and on about how great this (three year old) blog is. I'll let some of the commenters do it for me (as posted on the Wampum site announcing the winners):
How did Jordan unseat the reigning champion (Talk Left)?


I am a huge fan and cast my vote for Confined Space, because Jordan has so thoroughly documented the deliberate dismantlement of worker protections under the Bush administration.

When those miners were trapped in West Virginia, I knew where to turn for the truth: Confined Space.

Because Jordan has never forgotten the plight of manual laborers, factory workers and the other blue-collar citizens treated as disposable in Bush's America, he is my hero.

Pam Tau Lee:

Confined Space, the blog that truly keeps giving and giving... truth, passion, and solidarity.

Rory O'Neill:

Confined Space - this blog made workplace deaths and disease a scandal. It has changed reporting of the issue in the media, and has started a new debate in the US. Given the US is a world class workplace killer with laughable penalties for safety crimes - see the Sago mine explosion, for example - this is a crucial resource.

Captain Safety:

Confined Space - Changing the workplace for the better, one posting at a time.
Effect Measure was delighted to have made it into the Finals for Best Expert blog, which went to Pharyngula, runner up BitchPhD. We got our share of votes for which we are grateful. All the competitors are superb bloggers and we were pleased to be in their company.

Pop over to Wampum and see all the winners.