Sunday, March 12, 2006

Koufax Awards semi-finals voting ends at midnight tonight

I just learned (via Lindsay at Majikthise) that the voting for the semi-final round of the Koufax Awards ends tonight at midnight. Majikthise is up for Best Blog and Best Writing, both of which she deserves (and so do a bunch of other blogs; I cast my vote for Majikthise anyway. This is for fun, not glory. The Koufaxes are about building community. It's not like we're voting for Preznit . . . or something).

Anyway, if you don't know what the Koufax Awards are, they are for the Best Blogs of the Lefty Blogosphere and come in 16 different flavors. Effect Measure was nominated in four categories: Most Deserving of Wider Recognition; Best Series (for the Lakoff series); Best Single Issue Blog; Best Expert. We are getting votes in all categories, but it looks like the one we are most likely to make the semi-finals in is Best Expert, although that depends on how long the new short-list will be.

You get nothing if you win a Koufax except bragging rights, and you don't even get those because everyone who votes knows that picking the best blogs in this list is a crap shoot. They are all great and very different from each other. We are all part of the Reality Based Community, however, and a vote is another way of giving a tip of the hat to a blog you like to read or have come to depend on in some way.

Here's how to vote, if you are so inclined. Leave a comment at the bottom of the category you are voting in with the name of the blog. It's that simple. You can also do it by email with the word "Koufax" in the subject line and the name of the blog and the category in the message.

One vote per person, though. We aren't Republicans.