Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happy Blogiversary, Confined Space

Jeez. Jordan Barab's blog, Confined Space is three years old. It seems like just yesterday it was two years and 364 days.

Three years old. In the blogosphere that's Methusalah.

And a fantastic three years, too. Confined Space isn't just any blog. It's the pre-eminent health and safety blog in the world, which probably means in the Universe. Certainly in the Known Universe.

So congratulations, Jordan. You blazed the trail for us public health bloggers and we're still trying to catch up. I'm not always sure what keeps us blogging, but I know what keeps you blogging. You have a fire in your belly about worker health and safety. And we can see it burning brightly in every line you write at Confined Space.

Congratulations from all The Reveres at Effect Measure.