Sunday, February 26, 2006

Christian beheadings

Sunday is a good time to remind everyone about one of the essential characteristics of all religions. None has a monopoly on evil.

Take beheadings. Nasty. Abhorrent. Beyond the pale. Hard to understand how any civilized person would do it.

Unless you were French and you had a handy dandy machine so you wouldn't have to get your hands bloody. But that was a long time ago. 1939. Or Germany. 1949. Here we preferred to fry people with a few thousand volts while they were strapped into a chair. But that's another topic.

Back to beheadings. Not a specially Muslim practice. Christians liked it, too.

And, as it turns out, still do:
An enraged mob of Nigerian Christian youths has slaughtered dozens of Muslims in two days of rioting in the southern city of Onitsha.

Rioting broke out in the lawless trading town on the banks of the Niger River yesterday when members of the Igbo tribe launched revenge attacks in response to an earlier massacre of Christians in the north of the country.


Frank Nweke, a magazine editor who ran the gauntlet of the mob to escape Onitsha and made it to the bridge, said he had seen 15 more corpses lying in the streets of the city.

"Some of them had been beheaded, others had had their genitals removed. I saw one boy holding a severed head with blood dripping from it," he said. (The Courier News [Australia])
Just a reminder.