Monday, March 14, 2005

One answer to a tough question: save UNICEF

After our post about the Bush administration and international treaties ("Tough questions"), we received the following letter:
Dear friends at Effect Measure,

You've got a great blog going, one of the few I receive as an RSS feed. I'm writing here to let you know about, and hope you will publicize, a


In May 2005 Ms. Ann Veneman, former US Secretary of Agriculture, will take office as the Executive Director of UNICEF. Her nomination, negotiated secretly by the UN Secretary General with the US Government and rapidly approved by UNICEF's Executive Committee, has alarmed public health advocates around the world. Ms. Veneman has no background in public health, children's welfare, or the rights of disadvantaged people. Her history as an advocate for agribusiness, both as a private lawyer and in government, is characterized by privileging private profit above the public good. Applied at UNICEF, this will be a disaster for the world's children.

I don't know if Paul Revere can SIGN ON to the People's Health Movement's Letter of Concern detailing our reservations about the appointment of Ms. Veneman and the appointment process, but it would be great if you could let your readers know about it. To read the letter and sign on, go to

Thanks for your help and your work defending people's health.


Todd Jailer

Todd Jailer * People's Health Movement - USA * c/o Hesperian Foundation 1919 Addison St. #304 * Berkeley, CA 94704 USA

The Reveres will be signing under their own names later (to preserve anonymity). We invite readers to join us in this important movement.