Friday, January 07, 2005

New feature: Blogrollin' Friday

Here's a great idea from the folks at Political Site of the Day blog:
A lot of bloggers do catblogging or dogblogging or pickleblogging Friday, putting up pictures of one thing or another as a semiregular routine.

I'm here to recommend an alternative Friday ritual: Blogrollin' Friday. Even if you regularly add blogs to your blogroll, pick one blog on Friday, add it to your blogroll, and give a little blurb as to why you selected that blog. No reciprocation needed - just a way and a day to weekly, structurally, habitually, add to the connectiveness that are blogs.

And - if you like this idea, please feel free to promote it today so others can consider it as well.
So here's my first contribution, Impact Analysis. A product of Industrial Hygienist James Lowe Impact Analysis comments on environmental health issues of general interest to the public health community, usually with a decided exposure assessment flavor (naturally). Recent posts have alerted readers to pedagogical tools of interest to the profession (EHP's environmental health science lessons); a note on the European Environment Agency's Precautionary Principle booklet "Late Lessons..." (I understand a sequel is planned); Lois Gibbs group's new review of the PVC problem; and a review of Jared Diamond's new book, Collapse.

Recommended to our (growing) and faithful community of readers, Impact Analysis is a natural companion to Jordan Barab's occupational health and safety blog Confined Space, this site, and Public Health Press (now on a short hiatus, but I hope to return in some form soon).